Armenian Church – The only Holy Armenian Church of Bangladesh screenshot_397The Armenian Church (also known as Armenian Apostolic Church of Resurrection) is a historically important monument of Dhaka. It is situated at Armanitola of the older part of the city of Dhaka. Even the interesting fact is that the area Armanitola is named after the Armenian colonony that was settled in that region in the early 17th century.

anyoption option The holy Armenian Church was built in 1781 at Armenian street in Armanitola. An Armenian of that time named Agahminus Catachik donated the land for the church and Michael Sirkies, Astwasatoor Gavrok, Margar Pogose and Khojah Petrus bears the cost of construction. In 1837 another merchant named Johanes Carapiet Sirkies added the belfry to the church. After fifty consecutive years after the costruction of the church a clock tower was erected to the western side of church. Though the clock stopped working at 1880 and a devastating earthquake in 1897 destroyed the tower a renovation work was performed by Arathoon Stephen of Calcutta such as decoration of church floor by marble setting electric lights and so on.


source url The entire Armenian Church complex is laid on a rectangular plan. At the entrance an arched gate and followed by an arched door will catch the attention of the visitor. The main floor is divided into three parts. First, a pulpit enclosed by railings. Second, the middle section with two folding doors and thirdly a fenced area as the sitting place of women and children. The church building has four doors and 27 windows and a spiral staircase for going upwards. In the graveyard near about 350 people buried. These graves filled up not only the ground of the church but also the verandah of the church.

opzioni conto eurobet The church bears the testimony of the existence of the Armenian colony in the early 17th and 18th centuries. Though the Armenian Church is usually closed but is still a great piece of historical interest.