Bajra Shahi Mashjid – The Grand Mosque of Bajra Bajra Shahi Mosque is a remarkable example of auspicious elegant mosque in Bangladesh. The grand mosque is situated in Bajra Village of Begumganj Upazila in Noakhali District. The mosque is 18 kilometres north from Maizdee Court and 156 kilometres south from capital city Dhaka. The picturesque mosque and its prosperous history is capable enough to attract tourists and guests from all over the country.

bedava forex sinyalleri The magnificent mosque was built by Landlord Amanullah in 1741-1742 during the ruling period of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah. The Bengali and Persian combinational inscription at the inside wall and the outer gateway of the mosque conveys the information that Landlord Khan Bahadur Ali Ahmad and Landlord Khan Bahadur Mujir Uddin Ahmad thoroughly repaired the entire mosque and added every possible thing to enhance its beauty. It has been heard that one of the inheritor of Mughal Emperor visited this place by a big boat named ‘Bojri’, this is how the village got its name.

go to link The mosque is a brick built three domed rectangular edifice with stylish outer walls and four octagonal shaped minerat at its four exterior angle. The east side of the mosque has three arched doorways whereas the north and south each side has one door with supporting minerats on both sides. These minerats are smaller in size compared to the four major minerats of the mosque. In the middle of the western wall there is semi-octagonal mihrab. The whole mosque compound is covered by a boundary wall with a grand arch at the front. The eastern side of the mosque has a water tank and the southern side has a graveyard. Each and every portion of the mosque from its outside wall to the mihrab, bears the excellence of artistic work. Some rare and beautiful stone were stolen during 1971 liberation war.

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here Bajra Shahi Mosque is now in a well preserved state due to the regular use, huge renovation and countless love and devotion of the local devotees.