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Dubalhati Palace – One of the Neglected Historical Monument of Bangladesh

go to site There are many unfocused archaeological sites scattered throughout the country, the Dubalhati Palace is one of the sites among them. The palace is located at Dubalhati upazila, about 5.70 kilometres away from Naogaon district of Rajshahi division. Though the aristocratic palace is now ruin but still capable to fulfill the …

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Hemnagar Zamindar bari – The Angel House

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citas en linea para verificar en puebla Despite of having every possible thing to be a promising tourist attraction of Bangladesh, Hemnagar Zamindarbari failed to gather the attraction of tourist. Even many Bangladeshi people didn’t know about this zamindarbari. However, this beautiful edifice is situated in Hemnagar of Gopalpur Upazila in Tangail District. It is near about …

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Moyez Manzil – The White House of Faridpur


click here Moyez Manzil is one of the most magnificent British period mansions ever presents in Bangladesh. Moyez Manzil stands adjoining the cicuit house of Faridpur in Bangladesh. The villa is also famous as the White House of Faridpur not only for its dazzling beauty of whiteness but also for the the …

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Bhawal Estate – The Second Largest Zamindari of East Bengal

watch The second largest zamindari (estate) in terms of earnings and extensions after the Dhaka Nawab Estate was Bhawal Estate. The Bhawal Estate currently situated at Gazipur district of Dhaka division. It is about 20 kimometres away from Uttara of Dhaka. Before the Mughals conquere Bengal the Bhawal Estate belongs to …

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Rose Garden Palace – The Birth Place of Bangladesh Awami League


market metaphor online dating The Rose Garden Palace is a luxurious mansion with garden of roses occupies the grandeur of being one of the most beautiful villas of the early 19th century in Dhaka. The edifice is known as Humayun Shaheber Bari (Mr. Humayun’s House) to the local residents. It is spotted at K.M. …

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Lalkuthi – The Northbrook Hall

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follow Northbrook Hall is one of the oldest structures of Old Dhaka surviving proudly till now. Northbrook hall is situated at B.K. Das Road of Farashganj at Wiseghat on the Bank of Buriganga of Old Dhaka. The Northbrook hall is most popular to the Bangladeshis as Lalkuthi (Red Building) because of …

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Hussaini Dalan – The House of the Imam’s of Shia Community

Hussaini Dalan stands still as one of the most splendid Mughal period arcitectures of Old Dhaka. It is situated at the northern side of the Dhaka Central Jail in Old Dhaka. ‘Hussaini’ remembers about Hazrat Imam Hussain Ibn Ali (A.S.), the grandson of Holy prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) …

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Bangabhaban – The Presidents Palace of Bangladesh

The official resident and major workplace of the President of Bangladesh is known as Bangabhaban. It is located at the capital city Dhaka. The luxurious house was using as official residence of the head of state since British period. The British Viceroy of India, The Governor of East Bengal and …

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Dighapatia Palace (Uttara Ganabhaban) – The Maharaja’s Palace

Dighapatia Palace also known as Uttara Ganabhaban or Maharaja’s Palace is a clear signature of finest architectural beauties of northern Bangladesh. It is located about 40 Kilometres from Rajshahi and 2.40 Kilometres away from Natore town, a short branching road off the Natore-Bogra highway provides access to the royal palace. …

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