Dhakeshwari Temple – The National Temple of Bangladesh

partnersuche kostenlos osteuropa screenshot_386Dhakeshwari Temple is the national temple for the Hindus of Bangladesh and is a place of historical importance as well. Dhakeshwari means ‘Goddess of Dhaka’. It is situated at Dhakeshwari road of old Dhaka and about 1 kilometre north from the Lalbagh Fort.

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source During the Sena dynasty, a Sena king named Ballal Sena built the temple in 12th century. The architectural pattern of the temple cannot be assigned to that period. Moreover, sand and line, the morter used in that temple were came to use in Bengal after musilm conquest period. A vast features of the holy temple shows similarity to Arakanese religion as well as Arakanese religious practices. From all these evidences it has been conceptualized that the Dhakeshwari temple was built by Mangat Roy, who is also famous as Ballal Sena, son of Arakanese king Raja Malhana alias Husen Shah and younger brother of Arakanese king Shrisudharma. In the beginning of 20th century a writer named Bradley Birt wrote in his book that the temple was 200 years old and a hindu agent of the then east india company built it.


There are four small temples of same size and shape at the northo-eastern corner of the water tank. The temples are assembled in a line from east to west. Each of the temples were built on a high slab-like substance and reached to the top on steps. The main temple is located to the north of Nat-Mandir (temple) and faces the south. The temple is a three room structure with a verandah on the front and have some beautiful wooden doorways.

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http://azortin.pl/?rtysa=opcje-binarne-bonus&e94=d5 During the 1971 the 800 year old statue was destroyed by the invading Pakistani army. A vast renovation and numerous repair work was performed after the war of liberation and the holy temple gets its present beautiful look. Dhakeshwari is one of the most important part of the cultural heritage of Dhaka city.