Dubalhati Palace – One of the Neglected Historical Monument of Bangladesh

swiss binУЄre optionen vergleich There are many unfocused archaeological sites scattered throughout the country, the Dubalhati Palace is one of the sites among them. The palace is located at Dubalhati upazila, about 5.70 kilometres away from Naogaon district of Rajshahi division. Though the aristocratic palace is now ruin but still capable to fulfill the thirst of travel loving tourists.


http://hosnaboen.no/?misoloie=dating-kongsberg&56a=48 During the Pala Dynasty, Raja Harendra Ray Chowdhury erected the main fabric of this palace. Dubalhati Palace was basically the resident of Maharajas of Dubalhati. It has been heared that around 53 Kings and Landlords ruled this place and surroundings from this eminent palace since its construction. The architecture of this monarch was changed in different phases of rulings according to the desire of the ruling kings and landlords. Among the landlords of Dubalhati, Haranath Roy Chowdhury was mentionable because of his expansion of estates through different districts and vast contribution in educational fields. Became pleased with his huge contribution in education the British government honoured him with title ‘Raja’ in 1875 and ‘Raja Bahadur’ in 1877. At 1897 a devastating earthquake causes huge demolition of the palace. Later on it was rebuilt again but the Pakistani army destroyed it during 1971 liberation war.

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free binary options trading software download\'a=0 Though the main palace was three storied but after decay now the ruins of two storeys left. Inside the ruins of the palace there are bedrooms, a dining hall, a darbar (reception) hall, conference hall, private theatre, guest rooms, attendants and servants quarter. The frontage of the palace is north facing and represents large Corinthian Greek style columns. The façade of the palace is like encrested crown of British royal family. The entire palace complex is surrounded by four ponds, whereas there are six more additional water tanks centering the palace.

http://aquanetta.pl/?kostromesp=opcje-binarne-metody&d35=98 The Dubalhati Palace is now enlisted as protected cultural heritage site. But perhaps the Department of Archeology has failed to manage adequate budget for reconstruction of this historical palace otherwise it wouldn’t left in such ignorant condition year after year.

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