Karatia Zamindar bari – A Prominent Historical Asset of Tangail

http://web-impressions.net/fister/185 Karatia Zamindarbari is another prominent addition in the list of landlord houses in Tangail. It is situated at 15 kilometres south-east of Tangail in Karatia and almost about 90 kilometres from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Karatia Zamindar Mansion is among the oldest landlord houses in Tangail.


http://faithsmedicalservices.com/maljavkos/807 Wajid Ali Khan Panni, the last zamindar of Karatia acquired the zamindari and erected the Karatia Zamindarbari in 1906. But it was his grandfather Saadat Ali Khan who established the zamindari in that region. Wajid Ali Khan also established famous Government Saadat College, Tangail in 1925. The grandson of Wajid Ali Khan Panni named Bayezid Khan Panni used to live in that palace a few years back till his death. The Palace now remains locked by the authority and opened at 1st and 12th of Baishakh (1st month of Bengali Calendar) and two EID days.

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enter site The two pavilons of the Zamindarbari (landlord house) was erected in 1899 and 1906. There are two main blockes in the zamindarbari complex named Rokeya Mahal and Baithak Khana (Meeting house). The architecture of Rokeya Mahal resembles pure Islamic & Mughal period features. The architecture of Baithak Khana is a fusion of Chinese and neo-classical style. There is also a beautiful mosque near to the premise of the complex. There are eight domes in the mosque laid in two rows. The first row comprises of five domes of equal sizes whereas the second row consists of three domes among which the middle one is the largest. The entire premise is decorated with lots of old buidings, ponds, wells and so on.


follow link This magnificent historical structure is on the way to decay due to lack of proper care and renovation. Such buildings and arcthitectures should be taken as our historical asset and must be preserved at any cost.

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