Laloner Akhra – The Tomb of Lalon Shah screenshot_387Whenever the name of the district Kushtia comes into the ear, one must ask about the Tomb and Shrine of Baul Fakir Lalon Shah. It is situated in a place named Cherulia in Kushtia which is 2-3 Kilometres from Tagore Lodge and almost 175 Kilometres from capital city Dhaka. The tomb is also famous as ‘Laloner Akhra’ among the devotees.


watch The present day Tomb of Lalon Shah is a joint venture contribution of some of his followers. One of the devotee of Lalon named Malam Shah donated 16 Bighas (2,30,400 sq.ft.) of land in Seuria Mouza for the shrine where the Lalon Akhra was erected over half of the land area. Bholai Shah and Sheetal Shah who were son like to Lalon Shah built his mausoleum with rubbles and limes for a tribute towards Shah’ji. At 1948 a devastating thunderstorm brings down its southern part.In the next year ‘Lalon Shah Akhra Comitee’ wants to rebuilt the tomb but were unable because of financial crisis. From then for the next ten years the shrine remains unnoticed. In 1963 a Lalon devotee named Md . Mansuruddin with the sponsorship of Pakistan Government built a new façade of Lalon’s tomb along with a folk-cultural center. After the liberation war of 1971, the managing director of Mohini Mill in Kushtia , Devi Prasad Chakrabarty brought down its old structure and erected a completely new one from his own expenses. Till now the mazar is still in a good condition for the contribution and love from its devotees.

Options binary guaranteed profit logic In the premise of Lalon Akhra there is a tomb centering the grave of Baul Fakir Lalon Shah. The tomb is white in color and seems like a showpiece made of wax. Near the tomb arena there are several graves of the followers of Lalon Shah. There is a museum within the premise where ‘Ek tara’ (a musical instrument) and some other musical instruments used by the famous Fakir are preserved. There is also an academic building within the Akhra premise which is used for research purpose.

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click here Lalon Shah himself used to keep quite in the question religion that’s why his devotees are from different religion. Every year in the mid of October Lalon festival held in the tomb premise and the grassy field nearby the river side. Thousands of his devotees comes not only across the country but from all over the world.

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