Mohera Palace Complex – The Official Training Centre of Law Enforcement Unit screenshot_419Mohera Palace is a beautiful signature of ancient 19th century landlord palace in Bangladesh. The gorgeous structure is located at Natiapara of Tangail district and almost about 66 kilometres away from Dhaka. Mohera Palace is among those British Period dazzling edifices that are still present in unchanged condition with glory.

binära optioner skatteverket Tangail is the only district which possess the record of having largest number of zamindars (landlords) in Bangladesh. In 1890, Landlord Kalicharan Saha erected Mohera zamindar bari (landlord house) and initiated the zamindari. Beside of being landlord Kalicharan Shaha was also the merchant of Salt and Jute. There are some more lodges and buildings in the complex which were built during different period of ruling of the next generation of Landlord Kalicharan Shaha. Among them Ananda Lodge, Chowdhury Lodge, Kalicharan Lodge and Maharaja Lodge are mentionable. As like many other landlords Saha family also moved to India leaving their huge property and estates. The Mohera Palace is now used as the Official Training Centre of Law Enforcement Unit.

single parents dating site completely free The first grand mansion that will blow your eyes is Chowdhury Lodge. The pinkish beauty is a two storeyed grand mansion with a long corridor at its second floor which covers the entire frontside and gives access to the rooms. There are six Corinthian greek style columns at the front entrance which expanded to the roof from ground. The ostentatious façade which expanded as same as the dimesion of 6 columns give the lodge an aristocratic look. Unlike most of the landlord palaces the backside of the lodge is also eye-catching and there is also a playground available there. The most auspicious manor among all in Mohera Palace complex is Ananda Lodge. The combinational paint of white and sky blue gives this house a splendid look. The architectural feature is almost same as Chowdhury Lodge. The grand palace is also a two storeyed building having six large Corinthian columns but the façade is very simple. The most glamorous side of the castle is its two hanging balconies on both side of the second floor and a lovely flower garden with various species of gorgeous flowers. The adjoining palace of Ananda Lodge is Maharaja Lodge, though the lodge adjoints Ananda Lodge but its architectural features presents cent percent similarities with Chowdhury Lodge. The majestic bulding is pink coloured two storeyed house with six expanded Corinthian columns at the frontage with few stairs and curved railings. It has a garden at frontside and a tennis court at its backyard. The red edifice Kalicharan Lodge of Mohera Palace Complex is architecturally different from the other lodges even it was built during the last era of the zamindari of Shaha family. This is a ‘U’ shaped colonial style building and possess much more rooms than any other palaces of the complex. It is also a two storeyed building where there are corridors on each floor which provide access to every rooms of respective floor.

Guida gratis opzioni binarie Miglior trader opzioni binarie Opzione binaria demo Opzioni binarie conto demo Piattaforme trader trading al minuto online Among the other architecture of the complex, there are Kachari Bhaban (court house), Nayeb bhaban and Rani Bhaban are mentionable. There are two huge pond at the premise named Bishakha Sagor and Poshra Sagor. The entire palace complex is surrounded by a number of gardens with variety of flowers. Though the palace complex is in a much better condition comparing to the other protected monuments but much better care needed to save this historical complex for eras.