The Mosque of Baba Adam

autopzionibinarie com è una buona piattaforma di azioni binarie screenshot_416Baba Adam’s Mosque is one of the most splendid archaeological mosques in Bangladesh. The ancient mosque is located in Kazi Qasba Village of Rikabi Bazar Union under Rampal Thana of Munshiganj District. It is about 39 Kilometres from Dhaka. The mosque is also popular as ‘Baba Adam Shahid Mashjid’. It is named after a famous local saint Baba Adam Shahid.

go here An Arabic inscription affixed with the mosque refers to somebody named Malik Kafur as the constructor of the mosque. The mosque was constructed at 1483 by Malik Kafur during the reign of Sultan Jalaluddin Fateh Shah. However, the history behind the erection of the mosque was very tragic. History says, Baba Adam Shahid who was a saintly person used to live in Mecca. At that time there was a village named Kana-Chang near Rampal Thana. A muslim from that village sacrificed a cow to celebrate the birthday of his son. As the hindus respect cow as their goddess so that the local hindu king Ballal Sen oppressed that muslim. At that time the muslim person fled to Mecca and reached to Baba Adam where he described everything happened with him. After hearing everything Baba Adam came to diminish Ballal Sen with his six to seven thousand followers. Ballal Sen was also ready to protest. As a consequence there was a fight between both the sides and the muslims won the battle but unfortunately Baba Adam embraced death. The irony of fate is that the king along with his family members accept death by throwing their body in a fire pit.

dating an unemotional man The architectural feature of the holy mosque is a square shaped. It has six domes in two rows. It has three basins and two avenues. There are three beautiful arches at the eastern façade and three mihrabs at the eastern wall. All the entrances and mihrabs are raised in a rectangular frame. The entire mosque is built by traditional Gaudiya (a place in Munshiganj) bricks. The splendid mouldings and superb string courses increase the beauty of the mosque. The tomb of Baba Adam Shahid is also inside the premise of the mosque.

28eme rencontre nationale de la torréfaction After the declaration of Department of Archaeology as a protected monument Baba Adam Shahi Mosque was renovated and in a good state compared to many other historical monuments.