Mosque and Tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Shahbaz screenshot_415The mosque and tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Shahbaz is one of the oldest prominent structures of Dhaka City. The mosque of Khwaja Shahbaz is among the oldest mosques of Dhaka. The historic mosque is situated just behind the Dhaka High Court, east of the Three Leader’s Mausoleum and very close to the Doyel Chattar (Magpie Circle).

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follow site The mosque was built by Hazrat Khwaja Shahbaz in 1679 during the reign of Muhammad Azam by the side of Ramna Park. Khwaja Shahbaz was a prosperous merchant of that time. He was so much popular among the people that they used to call him ‘Merchant of Prince’. In 1950 the Eastern Division of Pakistan Directorate of Archaeology annexed the mosque and adjacent square shaped mausoleum. The present condition of the mosque and mausoleum complex is very good as it is still in use and under proper care.


go site The mosque has three large domes represents pure Islamic architecture which shows a bit similarity to the infrastructures of Mughal era especially Shaistha Khan’s period. It has three decorated archways at the eastern wall where the middle one is the largest among three. As a symbol of rememberance, there is a tomb of Khwaja Shahbaz at the mosque premises. The tomb is a single dome square shape structure with four firmly built minerat at each corner. There is a verandah adjacent to the tomb by its southern corner. The roof of the verandah is hut shaped. 30000 euro in questo momento. Naturalmente a 30000 euro potete frau sucht mann kostenlos The entire Mosque and Tomb complex provides a smooth flavor of ancient Islamic signature of construction and is surely a place of historical interest.