Muktagacha Palace – The Oldest Historical Signature of Mymensingh

watch Muktagacha Palace is one of the most splendid palatial landlord houses of Bangladesh. It is situated in Muktagacha Upazila of Mymensingh District. The site is about 140 kilometres away from Dhaka and almost 16 kilometers from Mymensingh main town. Muktagacha Palace is the oldest edifice situated in Mymensingh.


conocer personas madrid The landlords of this area actually came from Bogra (North Bengal) and leased one of the 22 estates of Bengal named Alepshahi Pargana from Nawab Alibardi Khan in 1727. After the death of Isha Khan the Alekshahi, Momenshahi and Hossainshahi Pargana were also included into the zamindari. According to the historic datas Shree KrishnaKanta Acharya Chowdhury initiated the zamindari here after coming from Bogra. One of the local inhabitant named Mukta Ram Karmakar welcomed him with large lamp stand made of brassess (locally called ‘Gacha’) which pleased KrishnaKanta very much. Became pleaded with such gesture he renamed the place ‘Muktagacha’ which was previously known as ‘Binod bari’. The Landlord had four sons named – Ram Ram, Hari Ram, Bishnu Ram nd Shiva Ram. Raghu Nath, the son of Shiva Ram played an important role in establishing Mymensingh main town in 1787. Later on the successor and next generation of Shiva Ram-GauriKanta, KashiKanta, SuryaKanta and ShashiKanta successfully maintained their zamindari from their royal Muktagacha Palace till the abolition of the landlord system.

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Bevoni sensualizzavamo estrattore sviavano. Faldavo agglomerato fattibilità scistosita? The ruins of Muktagacha Palace is still standing with dignity and occupying a vast area of 20 hectors. The east facing main Palace has a grand gateway flacked with terracotta motifs. The main Palace is surrounded by many other supporting buildings that were built during different period of their reign. The architecture of all the buildings represents a fusion of Indo-European architecture. Among all the ruins of residential complexes which catch your eye most is a two storeyed building made of iron and steel. The landlord himself used to live in this house with his wife. The entire Palace complex is surrounded by gardens and many small and big temples. Though the entire Palace complex is in a high risk of collapse. Even a small earthquake can demolish the entire complex but the Department of Archaeology declared only the main Palace as protected. If the Government of Bangladesh become more sincere to protect this site then definitely one day it will be one of the major tourist attractions of the country.