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Baliati Palace – Dosh-ani zamindar bari


http://freejobseeker.com/page/15/?q=viagra-high-blood-pressure-risk Baliati Palace is one of the most gorgeously crafty palaces among the ancient landlords of Bengal. The palace is also known as ‘Dosh-ani zamindar bari’. Baliati Palace is situated in Saturia Upazila of Manikganj District. This palace is about 5 miles east of Manikganj district headquarter and about 35 miles …

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Laloner Akhra – The Tomb of Lalon Shah


application rencontre entierement gratuite Whenever the name of the district Kushtia comes into the ear, one must ask about the Tomb and Shrine of Baul Fakir Lalon Shah. It is situated in a place named Cherulia in Kushtia which is 2-3 Kilometres from Tagore Lodge and almost 175 Kilometres from capital city Dhaka. The …

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Dhakeshwari Temple – The National Temple of Bangladesh

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follow url Dhakeshwari Temple is the national temple for the Hindus of Bangladesh and is a place of historical importance as well. Dhakeshwari means ‘Goddess of Dhaka’. It is situated at Dhakeshwari road of old Dhaka and about 1 kilometre north from the Lalbagh Fort. During the Sena dynasty, a Sena king …

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Paharpur – The Somapura Mahabihara

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flirten im restaurant Paharpur Bihara is the biggest known monastery ever excavated in the southern domain of the Himalayas. Paharpur Bihara is also known as Somapura Mahabihara. ‘Pahar’ means hill and ‘Pur’ means locality, thus the most befitted meaning of ‘Paharpur’ according to Bengali vocabulary is Locality of hill. Paharpur is a small …

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Shat Gambuj Mashjid – The Sixty Dome Mosque

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Investors can lose all their capital by trading http://modernhomesleamington.co.uk/?option=com_k2.” “Bonus Terms and Conditions Apply. Oggi è possibile investire in maniera molto più Sixty Dome Mosque (Shat Gombuj Mashjid) is one of the auspicious and largest mosque of Sultanate period in Bangladesh. It has been mentioned as the most impressive muslim monuments of the Indian subcontinent in the whole world. It is situated in the southern portion of Bangladesh in Bagerhat district under …

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Mahasthangarh – The Largest Archaeological Site of Bangladesh


https://mummiesclub.co.uk/bilbord/1775 Mahasthangarh or Mahasthan represents one of the largest and earliest archaeological sites in Bangladesh. ‘Mahasthan’ means marvelous solemnity and ‘Garh’ means fort. This historical site is located at 13 kilometres north of Bogra town on Dhaka-Dinajpur highway in a village named Mahasthan in Shibganj thana of Bogra district under Rajshahi …

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Mainamati – The Shalban Bihara

Mainamati, which is also known as the seat of lost dynasty is one of the biggest historical and cultural heritage site of Bangladesh. It is a detached rim of lower hills in the eastern portion of the country. Mainamati is named after the Chandra queen, the mother of Govindachandra. This …

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Tara Mashjid – The Star Mosque

Star Mosque is one of the greatest tourist attractions of the older part of the city of Dhaka. It is located at Abul Khairat Road in Armanitola of Old Dhaka. The beautiful Star Mosque is also known as ‘Tara Mashjid’. As there is no inscription related to the construction of …

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Ahsan Manzil – The Pink Majesty

Ahsan Manzil – The Pink Majesty: Ahsan Manzil is one of the magnificent architectural heritage of Bangladesh. It was the residential palace and kachari (summer house) of Dhaka Nawab family. Ahsan Manzil is situated in Kumartuli, Shakara Waiz Ghat Bazar of Old Dhaka along the bank of the Buriganga River. …

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Lalbagh Fort – The incomplete Mughal Palace

Lalbagh Fort – The incomplete Mughal Palace: Lalbagh Fort, one of the greatest signature of art by the Mughal’s is an incomplete Mughal palace citadel at the bank of Buriganga River. At present the river has gone further south and is flowing by maintaining a distance from the palace. It …

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