Tara Mashjid – The Star Mosque

site rencontre bio screenshot_381Star Mosque is one of the greatest tourist attractions of the older part of the city of Dhaka. It is located at Abul Khairat Road in Armanitola of Old Dhaka. The beautiful Star Mosque is also known as ‘Tara Mashjid’.


click As there is no inscription related to the construction of the mosque but it is heared that it was Mirza Golam Pir, who was the son of a prominent landowner of that time erected the mosque. Mirza Golam Pir died in 1860 and thus the date of construction was conveniently considered as the beginning of 19th century and at that time was known as the Mosque of Mirza Shaheb.


opcje binarne inwestowanie The magnificent Mughal style mosque was actually a three dome mosque with three Mihrabs (special area in mosque facing Mecca) in alignment with three doorways of the mosque among which the middle one is larger the other two. In 1926 a local businessman named Aizan Bepari made some renovation work and added some extensions to the fabulous Star Mosque. He added a Verandah with five consecutive arches which doubled the entire mosque area without changing its original pattern. He financed the mosque with higly decorative and colorful tiles. The mosque walls, ceilings, floors and columns are thoroughly decorated with flowers in vases, half-moons, lots of Arabic calligraphic arts and thousands of dazzling stars bejeweled each and every corner of the mosque which are made of chinaware crockeries and pieces of glasses. The most uncommon form of mosaic work is kown as ‘Chini Tikri’. Even hundreds of blue stars has been created on the domes of white marble. In 1987 The Government of Bangladesh increased the number of domes and made the three dome mosques into a five dome moque and extended its architectural beauty.

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Cara trik forex As the historic city Dhaka is well known for its numerous mosques, Star Mosque is one of the sparkling stars among them. The Star Mosque clearly is a sign of superb artistic beauty and is a signature of heritage of Islam.

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